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Legacy claims it was a great revolutionary event. It was no more than a coup.

A bust of Lenin and a mosaic of the hammer and sickle inside the Moscow Palace of Youth (Moskovskogo Dvortsa Molodezhi, or MDM) shortly before it opened to the public in 1988. Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

WWhen you think of the Russian Revolution of October 1917, images of patriotic revolutionaries storming the Winter Palace and forcefully seizing power probably come to mind. Reality sees it differently.

The Night of 24–25 October

Having gained control of Russia, Lenin and his compatriots decided the time was right to put their mark in history…

The 1930s were a combustion of political extremism, but Britain managed to maintain democracy

Oswald Mosley, “Britain’s Hitler”, 1931. Source: Time Magazine, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

HHitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Mussolini’s Italy. The lead up to the Second World War was full of dictatorial regimes and political extremism. There were some threats to democracy in Britain, too, so why did they fail?

Political extremism in Britain

The British Union of Fascists

The story of a dedicated Suffragette who fought until death.

Emily Wilding Davison. Source: LSE Library, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

InIn the early twentieth century, the women’s suffrage movement in Britain was gaining steam and rising up through the social strata. There was one woman whose actions were pivotal in making this happen, she was Emily Wilding Davison.

In 1897, the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS) — or…

Russia was synonymous with autocracy and, later, communism. But did they have a liberating Tsar in the nineteenth-century?

A portrait of Alexander II. Source: National Archives of Canada, Wikimedia Commons

TThe Romanov dynasty began in 1613 with Michael Romanov and ended with the dramatic revolution of 1917. This period is — among other things — is well-known for the nationalism, imperialism, orthodoxy, and autocracy conveyed by the Tsars (leaders of Russia).

However, towards the end of the dynasty (1855–1881), Alexander…

A lot of football has resumed — but without fans. Photo by Pixabay on

Football’s systemic economic flaws have long been known. The coronavirus pandemic could be the catalyst for some much-needed change.

The superpowers of the football world include the likes of Manchester United, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. These global phenomena are no longer simply football clubs, but rather major international businesses. …

Harry Bachofner

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